Work It Wednesday – Envelope Punch Board

In this week’s Work It Wednesday, I’m sharing the Envelope Punch Board. The website says the Envelope Punch Board will help you create your own envelopes from our Envelope Paper, Designer Series Paper, or cardstock in up to 66 different sizes. Instructions included. The board includes a sizing chart printed right on it (measurements are in both metric and non-metric) and a scoring tool, which you can store in the Punch Board itself. The Punch Board sells for $20 (a little less if you’re a Stampin Up Demonstrator).

Sounds kind of interesting. But do I want to make my own envelopes? I can buy packs of 40 for $6.50 but I am limited to the sizes and colors (Kraft, White, and Vanilla) that we sell. Hmmm.. so if I make a custom size card, I could make my own envelope to fit that card. Okay, maybe there are some benefits. Let’s check it out.

Remember, here’s my scoring criteria when it comes to tools.

  • How big is the learning curve?
  • Do I already have something else I’m currently using that does the job?
  • Does this tool add (potentially unneeded) extra steps to getting my project completed?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Do I even know what it’s for?

Let’s discuss the learning curve. The Punch Board does come with instructions, but I found the YouTube video to be helpful. Plus the first couple of times, you want to work with “practice” paper. I did learn that if you don’t line it up in exactly the same place for all four sides, it will be off slightly at the corners. So, yes this tool definitely takes some practice.

I don’t have any other tool that does this same thing. I could probably figure out how to measure and cut a piece of paper to make my own envelope, but this simplifies the process.

This definitely creates extra work. Buying envelopes is so much easier.

Cost is fairly reasonable at $20. I do pay a little less since I’m a Stampin Up Demonstrator and I get my products at a discount. Am I going to get $20 worth of use out of it? Maybe, maybe not. I like quick and easy so I can get it out the door. Am I going to start handmaking all my envelopes too? Not likely.

The name is somewhat self-explanatory – it makes envelopes. I decided since I was going to play around with the Punch Board, that I would make an envelope that you can’t actually purchase. Tool5

I made an envelope for a 4″x4″ card. And it matches my card. Check it out!


Ok, that is kinda cool! My envelope matches the card perfectly and it’s not something you would find in a store. The Envelope Punch Board is a fun tool to have but honestly, I would probably have it farther down the “must have” list just because I know I won’t hand make envelopes a lot.

Have you tried using this Tool? If so, let me know what you think of it. And if you have a Tool you’d like me to review, let me know in the comments section below.

**Edited to Add: I just noticed on my Supply List that the Wildflower Paper and Flowering Fields Stamp set show a price of $0. That’s because both of these items are from the Sale-Abration Catalog. You actually get one free item for every $50 increment you spend pre-tax and shipping. Spend $100 and you can pick both of those items for free.

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