Perk Up!

I have been telling myself this for the last couple days. Why, you might ask? Over the weekend I had a massive allergic reaction to something and still haven’t figured out what it is. And let me tell you, having hives from head to toe is no fun. And the medications you take for it are no fun either. 

I keep telling myself that this will pass in a few days – hopefully. I also keep telling myself to be aware of where I’m scratching while out in public. I certainly don’t need to end up in one of those viral videos called “embarrassing things your mom does in public”. 

Anyway… on to today’s card. I am still loving the Merry Cafe stamp set and I’m determined to make all sorts of holiday goodness with it. So yes, you are going to see more of this stamp set very soon. 
This particular card did not end up how I originally envisioned it, but that’s okay. Sometimes you have to go where creativity takes you. 

This card is really quick to put together. I love all the brand new patterns in the Quilted Christmas paper pack but they were really bright with all the other red I was using. I used a piece of our Vellum card stock to help tone it down a little. The Smoky Slate Gingham ribbon is tied around the pattern paper and the vellum together. The “perk up” is layered over the top of the ribbon with dimensionals. And the Metallic Sequins are glued down using our fine-tip glue. 

Well, I’m off to go lather on another coat of hydrocortisone. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my normal self by Friday and have a little more patience to sit still and work on something fabulous. I’ve got several projects planned out, I just need some time to execute them. Hosting a holiday catalog event is always fun—and we’ve just sweetened the deal with our exciting Merry Patterns Host Promotion. If you host a party with $300 in sales by October 31, you’ll earn the FREE Merry Patterns Stamp Set.

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