Five Minute Friday – The Struggle Is Real

Let’s face it, crafting for men is really hard. In general, men are not “savers”. They don’t like to keep things. They appreciate the sentiment in the moment, but then they move on. After being married for almost 20 years, I get it. And even though I know my card may end up in the trash, I still take the time to handmake cards for the men in my life. For me, it’s not just about the card itself. I want them to know they are important to me. And the best way I can do that is to take time to make something special just for them.

I know a lot of us struggle with just what to put on a masculine card. I can’t even tell you how many floral stamp sets I have. None of which will work for a card for a man. So what exactly constitutes a masculine card? Yes, the struggle is real…

So, I say give them what they like. Something clean and simple. Something without tons of layers. Maybe an animal or a boat. Or a fish! Men totally like fish! I’m always hearing about the one that was “this big”. How about a fish in a jar? 16-6-17The simplicity of the card makes it a perfect candidate for a Five Minute Friday card (a card that takes only five minutes to make). The Serene Scenery paper helps fill all that background without being overwhelming. The fish comes with the Jar of Love stamp set and is inked in two different colors. I started with Pool Party covering the entire fish and then added a little Island Indigo to the top fins using a dauber. Can you tell the bottom of the fish is a little lighter than the top? The little bubbles are the Metallic Enamel Shapes, not rhinestones. (I do realize that some men are ok with rhinestones and might even like them but in general men aren’t hoping for lots of bling on their card.)

Just in case you needed an outside opinion about cards that men like, this is the “card” my son made for Father’s Day last year. It says it all.

16-6-16I think I’ll still be making cards for the men in my life for many years to come. Even if they are really ok with a scribbled note on a scratch paper. I’ll save the flowers and rhinestones for my girlfriends because I know they get it.

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  1. Poli Rizco says:

    Evan is quite the character! I love his attitude!

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