Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Do you remember this Christmas card from December? I know, black and gold for Christmas, crazy combo, but it works. This card turned out very elegant. I have to admit, I really like the layout of this card. It has lots of layers and incorporates several punches, which means I’m using those tools I purchased.

Holiday 12

Ready to see a little magic? On the count of three, this card will turn into a Spring card! One…two…three!


Ta-da! New colors, new paper, new stamps and now I have a Spring card. Look closely though…it’s the exact same layout as the Christmas card! I even used the same exact punches and placement. A note on the ribbon, this is the burlap with the chevron printed on it. The chevron side didn’t exactly scream beach to me so I used the non-printed side. You can do this too, just note when you tie your knot that you have the ribbon facing the direction you want it to face. If it’s not laying correctly, you can tack it down with some glue dots so it stays in place.

Sometimes the hardest part of cardmaking is coming up with a design. Why spend hours trying to figure something out when you already have one you love? Do the same thing again but change out all the supplies and voila! A brand new card!

Here is another card I received for my birthday last month that I wanted to share. This card was made by my friend Poli. She knows how much I love Paris! Did you see my post about me sending you a birthday card? It’s not too late to get on my birthday list!


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