Don’t be late or you’ll turn into a pumpkin!

You know how it is… the clock is about to strike midnight and you promised your fairy godmother you’d leave on time. Well, this is just like that except without the big poufy dress and glass slippers. I’d probably break my neck trying to run in glass slippers, assuming that I don’t break the slipper itself and end up with a nasty cut across the bottom of my foot. Yeah, forget the uncomfortable dress and stick with plain old regular slippers. Heck, you can even wear your pajamas for this one!

You will need the pumpkin though… Your crafting Paper Pumpkin! Have you heard of these fabulous little orange boxes? Every month they come straight to your home. They are filled with lots of goodies and everything you’ll need that month to assemble your project, except scissors – but everyone already has those. Here’s how it works: you click the link on the left that says “Paper Pumpkin click here to subscribe today”, enter your name address and billing info. Then wait patiently by your mail box for your Paper Pumpkin kit to arrive!

No fairy godmother is needed here since these projects are so easy to put together. Each month you’ll get color pictures of the projects and instructions. All paper is precut for you. It really is just stamp and assemble. Here is the December Paper Pumpkin Kit:



Yes, the gold stand came with the kit!

pp3 pp4pp5

The kits ship every month automatically around the 15th of the month. If you decide you need to opt out for a month, you can do that in the Paper Pumpkin website by the 10th of the month. If you do opt out, you will need to go back to the website to opt back in when you’re ready to start getting these again.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How much is this going to cost me? $19.95 every month, shipping included.
  • How long will it take me to put this kit together? Depends on how many times you get interrupted, but most can be assembled in less than an hour.
  • When do I need to sign up/opt in/out by to receive or not receive that month’s kit: the 10th.
  • When do the kits ship: usually on the 15th of the month.
  • When is my credit card charged: when the kits ship.
  • Will I end up with a pile of unused craft supplies every month? Only if you didn’t put your kit together. If you made your cards/project, everything gets used. You might have a little bit of adhesive leftover (always handy to prevent wardrobe malfunctions) and of course you’ll have your stamps and ink pad left over.
  • Will I get to see the kit before the 10th of the month? How do I know if I want this month’s kit or not? No, you won’t get to see the kit before the deadline to opt in/opt out. It’s a gamble, just like Vegas, but our odds are better that you’ll end up going home with something you like.

Love the idea but not for me. Can I give this as a gift to a friend?  Of course you can! And whoa, you are an awesome friend for doing this! Your friend will love you til the end of time because she really needs a break from those kids. Just wait, she’s going to give you a handmade thank you card next month after she gets that kit.

How does a Gift Subscription work? A gift subscription lasts for a specific set time (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months). You’ll get a code when you make the purchase and your friend will enter the code online to redeem her gift. Decide how much you like that friend or relative and buy the suitable amount.

  •  1 month = $19.95 (My friend had a Stampin Up party and I had to buy something before she’d let me go home.)
  • 3 months = $59.85** (Not sure I’ll like this, but I’ll try anything once.)
  • 6 months = $113.70 (My sister/cousin/aunt has everything, but I know she doesn’t have this!)
  • 12 months = $215.40 (My mom does so much for me, I really owe her. No, like really really owe her after she babysat my kids last week and they put cookies in her dvd player.)

**The 3 month subscription is ON SALE during Sale-A-Bration for $55! Plus you get to pick an extra freebie with this purchase! Your friend gets the subscription, you can keep the freebie yourself. Don’t worry, I won’t spill the beans.

Ok, you have about 48 hours to get signed up for January’s kit. On your mark, get set, Go! Click the link on the left and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

PS. If you need help signing up, I’m here. Just ask me!



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