What happens in Vegas…

Stays in Vegas! Actually, not this time. I’ve been dying to share the Recap from Onstage a couple weeks ago, but we usually have a “no spoilers policy” in place for a couple days after the event. And then I’m usually playing catch-up after being gone for a few days. This time, OnStage came right on the heels of a work conference so I was gone for five days, which means quite a bit more catch-up around the house.

The OnStage location that we chose to attend was the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Usually we travel together to these events. This time, everyone arrived separately since the location was so close to us in SoCal and everyone had different obligations either on Friday (travel to Vegas day) or Sunday (travel home day). 

Did you know there is not much going on in a Vegas Casino at 2:00 in the middle of the afternoon? Definitely not a lot of crowds wandering the hotel and tough to find a restaurant actually open. We did manage to find the Wine Bar… and they were all ready for tastings!
Friday evening was the CentreStage dinner, which is the invite-only dinner for those at Silver Elite and above. I was excited that I once again qualified for this dinner.The theme for CentreStage was Celebrate 1988. Stampin Up thought that would be appropriate since they are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year and 1988 was 30 years ago. The table decor had composition notebooks, pencils, tambourines, cowbells, light boxes, and mix tape placemats. Our presenter dressed up in a 1980’s prom dress, complete with giant shoulder pads.After dinner, I met up with my Downline and we headed back to our hotel rooms. 

The main event started early Saturday morning. All of the tables had this amazing color coordinated decor. The little boxes at each of the place settings was my gift to my downlines. Inside the boxes was a chapstick, page flags, and a couple small snacks. It was pure coincidence that my boxes color-coordinated with the table decor. During the day, we all won a Prize Patrol! This time we all had different badge numbers so we all won different stamp sets. Torturing us (okay maybe it was just me) most of the day was our box Make & Takes sitting right there at the table. The box was tied closed with this note. I’m pretty sure that note was written just for me. Everyone says I’m too impatient when it comes to the “box” on the table.After we finished our first Make & Take, Stampin Up employees came around and collected all of the Soft Suede ink pads from all the tables. We thought it was kind of funny that they collected just the one color. Well, it turns out they asked all of the Demonstrators that were Silver Elite and above to stand up for applause and then they passed out the Soft Suede ink pads to each of us to take home. You probably noticed that it looks different from our usual ink pads. This is the new style of ink pad that’s being released starting June 1st. I’ll have more info on the ink pad changes closer to June.  Stampin Up definitely spoils us with the treats. One more Prize Patrol for EVERYONE! I love it when they give a gift to everyone.  I finally rounded up all of us at the end of the day so we could get a picture at the picture booth. From left to right is Margo, Poli, Lyndi, and I.Talk about spoiling us! This is all of the freebies that came home with me. Sometimes people will ask me if it’s worth spending the money to attend these events out of town. My answer is always YES! Even better than all the freebies and business tips, is spending time with dear friends and making memories together. We seriously have a blast together. 

If you don’t want to miss out on the next OnStage event, you need to make sure you are signed up to be a Demonstrator by August. Registration for the November event will start in August and you’ll want to sign up as soon as it opens. November’s OnStage will be in Orlando Florida and it will be the big 30th Anniversary party. I would love to have you join my team and go to Orlando with us. It will be the event of the year. Start making plans now!

P.S. I’m sorry Monday’s post didn’t appear until Tuesday. Apparently I was in denial about the weekend ending and goofed on the date for Monday morning. Oops. 

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At OnStage a couple weeks ago, they gave us a sneak peak of both the April and the May kit. It’s too late to get the April kit, but you still have time to get May. 

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