Tomorrow is…

National Scrapbook Day and Cinco de Mayo!

I sure had some tough choices for today. Do I share scrapbooking or tacos? This time I’m going with the scrapbooking. You’ll have to get your own tacos.

Years ago, I stopped scrapbooking almost entirely. I continued to scrapbook our vacation albums here and there but I pretty much gave up on the everyday family pictures because I felt like I would never ever be caught up. The kids kept getting older, we kept doing things, and I kept taking pictures. A lot of pictures. Seriously, like thousands of pictures. No joke, we have a 2 TB hard drive for our photo collection. 

Then, I came across Project Life. It was so easy. Just pop those pics into the pockets, and add in a pretty card. I was even journaling what the pictures were about. Then a miracle happened… Stampin Up announced they were partnering with Project Life. This was music to my ears. 

But sometimes good things come to an end. When Stampin Up announced the contract with Project Life was ending, I was disappointed… right up until they announced that Stampin Up was coming out with their very own line of Memories & More! Memories & More would be similar to the Project Life products using the pocket page style of scrapbooking with the pretty cards. And all of the card packs would coordinate with a stamp set and one of our pattern paper lines. And all of the colors in the cards would be Stampin Up colors. Hooray! I was back in business. 

I’m still not caught up on our pictures, but the simple style of the pocket pages allows me to work much quicker than I used to. This page for today came together in about 15 minutes. Most of that time was spent trying to decide which of the cards to use in the pockets. 

And did you notice the journaling? I had time to write a little bit about the picture since it took me so little time to make the page. 

Let’s talk handwriting. Yes, I was one of those people that convinced herself she could not write in the album because it would look messy. I had great plans of doing all my journaling on the computer and then later printing it out. Guess how many times I actually did that? Zero. I decided to get over it. My handwriting isn’t perfect and it’s rarely neat, but it is my handwriting. I do try to write slower and try to make a better effort to write neater, but I really just don’t worry about it anymore. 

For this Paris card, the card itself is just the simple pattern. I added the flowers and the “Paris”. I love that I can take something simple and make it my own.

I do realize the pocket page style is not for everyone. Some people love spending hours on a single scrapbook page, trying to figure out where exactly to place that photo and the embellishments around it. Not me. I want to get my pictures into albums that people can enjoy. I’m still not caught up on family pics, but I am slowly making progress. 

If you’re struggling with what to do with all of your pictures, you really need to try the Memories & More line. We have two different sizes of albums (6×8″ and 12×12″) and we have the pocket pages in a variety of different styles to fit both sizes of albums. There are several different choices in the card selections: bright bold patterns, florals, baby, and seasonal. Lots of different choices.

We are now in the last month of the 2017-18 Annual Catalog. The Retirement Lists have been posted. All retiring items are only available while supplies last and will be discontinued after May 31. Due to high demand for retiring stamp sets, retiring stamp sets will be guaranteed available until May 25; all other products are not guaranteed and are only available while supplies last. 

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