The Best of Intentions

December is always a very busy month around here with all the activities going on. I’m sure you struggle with it as well. I always have the best of intentions to hand make our Christmas cards at the beginning of December. I’m usually rushing to finish them and drop them at the post office before they close on 12/24 .

This year, the fates were against me and I just couldn’t get to them until right before Christmas. My husband knows that I stress about getting them all finished in time. Every year he suggests that I just do the photo card like most other people just to make it easy on myself. I remind him that I make cards. How would it look for the professional card maker to send out a photo card instead? People would start to wonder if they no longer made the cut for the hand made card this year and got the cheap alternative instead.

Sometimes it is so tempting to do that photo card. And then I remind myself how excited I get when I receive a hand made card from someone else. It feels pretty good knowing someone else thought you were special enough to spend time making something for you. And that is why I continue to hand make my Christmas cards every year, even if it means that some of them won’t actually arrive until after the 25th. Please don’t read anything into the fact that you didn’t get your card until after Christmas. Sometimes I run out of postage stamps too!

Here’s a peak at the Browning Christmas Card this year. It’s was surprisingly quick to stamp and cut out, but took a little time putting together all the layers. Notice how my “let it snow” stamp follows the tree line above it. If you look at the set in the catalog, you’ll see that this is designed to be used in a straight line. However, since this is a photopolymer set, it was super easy to mount it on the block in a wavy line, which adds a little more interest to an otherwise simple card.


I do include a photo inside the card of the family. Sometimes it’s all of us and sometimes just the kids. This year, it’s all of us and the dog and the wookie. I ­blame attribute the cheesy greeting to my husband who’s a Star Wars nut aficionado. If he were writing this post, he would feel the need to explain that he’s not really 7′ tall in real life and that the “wookie” is a little short for a real wookie that would be about 7’6″. (Like I said, Star Wars nut aficionado.)



The Browning’s wish you a hairy Christmas too!


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