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Some of you know that I have a day job in addition to my Stampin Up business. It is glamorous and exciting, and leaves me little time for stamping. Okay, it’s not glamorous. Actually, it’s not even really exciting. But it pays the bills. And keeps me out of trouble. Why am I telling you this? Well, it leads to today’s project.

My Company recently moved our office. We didn’t move far, just one floor down. But, with the brand new paint, carpet, and furniture, it was a huge change. My office let us pick out our own artwork to hang in our offices, as long as it was tasteful. So, I decided to make my own magnetic bulletin board.

I started with an inexpensive frame that I purchased at a local store. I was actually debating between two different frames. One of the frames was $25 and this one was $1.50. Score! I already knew I was going to alter it, so the $1.50 frame was perfect.17-5-1I bought a couple pieces of roof flashing from a hardware store to make the board magnetic. The roof flashing itself isn’t magnetic, but it will hold magnets. The roof flashing is hidden behind the pretty paper. All those little individual flowers in the center are glued onto magnets. I bought some heavier duty magnets so they would hold my notes and various business cards knowing they’d have to be strong enough to hold through paper, glass, and more paper.
17-5-2I seriously made a ton of succulents back in January when I first started working with the Succulent dies. These were left over from all that die-cutting. They are hot glued to both the frame and the glass. The tassels I made myself from the ribbon. Everything is attached to the frame with a hot glue gun.
17-5-3I did leave the glass in the frame. You can see the reflection from it in the picture above. I debated using it or not, but decided to keep it in the frame so the paper would stay smooth and clean. The frame is 16×20 so it’s a perfect size for all the little notes I need to keep handy at work. 

I’m sure I’ll get some questions about roof flashing. Roof flashing is just a piece of flat metal and it comes in different sizes. I bought a large piece, a medium piece, and a small piece and pieced them together. It really doesn’t matter that it’s pieced because it’s hidden behind the pattern paper. And it’s so much cheaper in comparison to buying a magnet board of the same size. The roof flashing pieces all together were less than $5. A 16×20 magnet board was more than $30 and they all had ugly frames or no frames. You can find roof flashing in a hardware store in the lumber section.

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  1. Pauline Rizco says:

    That is lovely. I want to try it with the new daisy punch & paper!

    • inkspira says:

      Thanks Poli! I’m sure it will look great with the daisy punch and paper. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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