Spooky, Spooky

There are two kinds of Halloween: cute Halloween and creepy Halloween. My family is partial to the creepy Halloween. We proudly display our “Bates Motel Vacancy” sign, we string up garlands made of bones, and we have several skeletons that take up residence on our porch every October.

I’ve been working on some Halloween Decor pieces the last couple days and now they are ready for the unveiling. They appear to be quite simple, and they are, but it took me a few days to get just the right look.

First, I found the giant spools at a local craft store. They were originally a brown wood stain color. I painted the ends black. Then I wrapped the center portion with our new Halloween Night paper. Using my 2″ circle punch, I covered the top of the spool to hide the hole in the center.


The mini skeletons and head were hot-glued to the tops of the spools. Both of the skeletons wear a hangman’s noose. The nail in the forehead of the skull adds the final touch with a “happy Halloween” banner.

16-9-11bThese new pieces will be a great addition to my Halloween decor this year. We’re already making plans for how we’ll decorate this year. We can’t wait. What’s your favorite Halloween decor piece that you love to put out every year?

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