So Thankful

I made it back from OnStage yesterday. I always feel like I need a vacation once our vacation is over. We end up staying up way too late and we always have to get up early to get going in the morning. I might have to get a tshirt that says:

I survived!

INFORMATION: OnStage Phoenix November 2016

I promise I will share some photos from our OnStage experience very soon. And I can’t share my projects that I made for the displays for a few more days. Don’t worry, I have lots of other things to share until then.

If you’ve been on Facebook the last couple Novembers, you might have noticed a growing trend of “30 days of Thankfulness”. This is when people post all of the things they are grateful for – everything from the big stuff to the little stuff – every day for the month. I really admire those that can keep up the daily posts, listing a multitude of things. I almost never play along with these. It’s too much pressure to remember to do it every single day. Not only that, I am thankful all year long for those things and I do remind myself how truly blessed we are all the time.

Speaking of being thankful, I have another round of Customer Thank You cards going out for October. These are quick and simple and easy to produce a bunch of them all at once.


Do you want a handmade card from me? I would love to send you one. All you have to do is ask. If you make a purchase on my website or at a local event, I will automatically send one to you. Just know that they usually go out the month after your purchase so I can make them all at once.

Don’t forget November’s Special!


Sale: $19.50

Price: $26.00


Sale: $12.75

Price: $17.00


Sale: $17.25

Price: $23.00


Sale: $21.00

Price: $28.00


Sale: $15.75

Price: $21.00

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