Prize Patrol!

Last Thursday night was our monthly Downline Meeting. I love getting together with this group and hearing about their successes and helping with any challenges they are currently having.

This is my class room/meeting space. This space is pretty awesome. My husband and I redid our garage (YES, this is our garage) to make it into a classroom and workshop space. Between the wood flooring, cabinetry, and glitter paint on the walls, our garage is now too fancy for cars.I completely forgot to get a group picture once everyone had arrived. I’ll have to do it next time. 

Each month our group has a creative challenge that I post in our Facebook Group. August’s Challenge was Holiday Packaging using new products from the Holiday Catalog. I left it open for either Halloween, Fall, or Holidays. I wanted my team to be able to work on what ever they were inspired to work on. And to entice everyone to participate, I promised prizes for everyone if we had 100% participation in the challenge. I knew this was going to be tough to get everyone to make something, but I love how they encouraged each other to get it done on time. And, yes, they earned their prizes, which I passed out last Thursday night.

Here is what the prizes looked like. Everything was wrapped so they couldn’t see what it was. And they were not allowed to hold or feel the packaging to guess what was in it. Rather than draw names to pick their prize or just past them out, I decided they would get to pick their prize in the order they posted their projects on the Facebook Group. Being early with their project definitely paid off this time. But they had to wait and all open them together. Talk about a frenzy. Oh my goodness!This is a close up view of one of the cello bags. I used a bit of the Year of Cheer Washi tape on the back side to close the bags. I absolutely love how the tag turned out for the packages. I left the tags generic enough that they can reuse them if they wish. Or they can use them as a product sample too. It’s kind of funny that most of the ladies ended up with something they had not yet ordered from the Holiday Catalog. The prizes were embellishments in the $5-9 price range and every prize was different.


I think I had just as much fun picking out the prizes and wrapping them as they did opening them up. I’ll definitely have to do another prize month. These ladies work hard and they deserve it.Hosting a holiday catalog event is always fun—and we’ve just sweetened the deal with our exciting Merry Patterns Host Promotion. If you host a party with $300 in sales by October 31, you’ll earn the FREE Merry Patterns Stamp Set.

Price: $110.00

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