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Last Fall, Stampin Up released a brand new product called Stampin Blends. It started off like any other new product with some interest with a lot of “I’ll see what others think about it first”. That is the norm when it comes to a new product. Fast forward a few months… and it’s official: these things are HOT! So hot in fact, that half of the colors are on back-order.

So, what are Stampin Blends? The Blends are alcohol markers that you use to color images. I bet you’re surprised that I said “marker”. What is so special about a marker? These markers are amazing. You use a light and a dark marker of the same color to blend together and get lovely shading in your project. See the yellow roses below. You can see both the lighter yellow petals and the darker yellow petals. Same with the leaves. They are darker along the veins and lighter as you move to the outer edges. If you look at the red flowers that I colored in, you can see some are light and some are dark. This gives you an idea of the color variation between the light and the dark shades. These markers do require a little bit of practice to get the shading just right. But it’s a fun kind of practice. You might even generate a couple giggles when you tell your friends you have to practice your coloring.

The markers are sold individually or in a two pack with the dark and light shade together or the entire collection. Right now, about half the colors are available in the two packs: Daffodil Delight, Cherry Cobbler, Night of Navy, Rich Razzleberry, and Old Olive. The rest of the colors have either the light or the dark marker on backorder. And since there are so many colors on back order, the “set” is on backorder too.

So, how are you supposed to get them? Well, you can still order the two packs that are available or the individual lights or darks that are still available. Plus you can still order the backordered items, but they won’t ship out for a little while. Some of the colors have an expected arrival date around late May, early June. I know that seems like a long time from now. But it really isn’t. It means you’ll be first in line to have them shipped out when they start arriving in the warehouse. I would suggest picking up the two packs that you can for now so you can start practicing with them. I know that once you get a chance to play with them, you’ll love them too. 

Price: $16.00

Price: $110.00

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