Once Upon A Time…

There was a dragon that liked to go for walks. He would often roam a forest that surrounded a castle. The dragon was huge and when people saw him, they ran as fast as they could. He didn’t have any friends. He was so lonely.

There was a castle near him and he could hear the sounds of people living there. Sometimes there was even music and laughing. 

One day he was curious. He decided to leave the safety of the forest and hide among the bushes next to the castle. He really wanted to sneak a closer look at the castle. Of course, the dragon did not realize that he was so large. And that he was much taller than the bushes. He thought his green color would help camouflage him. He snuck up close to the tower. He realized he was almost tall enough that he could just see inside the tower. Just as he stood on his toes, he saw a knight on the balcony of the tower…Once upon a time… there was a knight that lived in a castle. The castle was surrounded by a forest. People told stories of the fierce dragon that lived in the forest. The knight was not allowed to roam the forest around the castle. The knight was so lonely and bored. More than anything, he wanted a friend.

Daily, he kept watch out of his tower looking for any friendly animals that he could see. But he was so high up in the tower. And they were so small on the ground. By the time he ran all the way downstairs to meet them, they had disappeared back into the forest. 

One day when he was keeping watch, he spied a giant dragon trying to hide among the bushes below his tower. The dragon wasn’t doing a very good job of hiding. In fact, the dragon was so tall he could talk to him from his tower! 

As he moved closer to the edge, he held up his sword and waved hi to the dragon. The dragon smiled back at him. The knight told the dragon he was looking for a friend. The dragon told the knight he was looking for a friend. From that day forward, the dragon would come visit the knight in the castle. And the knight was always happy to see him!Today’s project is a 3D wall hanging. I bought the wooden plaque for this project at a local craft store. Everything else is Stampin Up.

For this project I cut the castle tower pieces on my trimmer. Once all the pieces were cut, I used the embossing paste with the brick stencil on each of the castle pieces. I didn’t worry too much about getting the paste exactly even for all the bricks. I wanted more of a distressed look for the tower bricks. Once the embossing paste dried, I assembled all the pieces of the tower. I applied a full strip of Tear & Tape down each side of the tower. I adhered one side of the tower first to the background, making sure that the center was raised before adhering the second side. This gives it that nice rounded look, just like a real tower.

I used my cloud dies from the Rainbow Builder Framelits to make both the clouds and the bushes. The knight and dragon are colored in using ink pads and an aqua painter. I really like this effect. It gives it a nice watercolor look that is really quick to achieve.

Be sure to check back on Wednesday to see the chubby unicorn. You are going to love him when you see him.  

Price: $110.00

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