Oh, that paper!

I’ve shared a few posts about the Share What You Love Suite of products that are being released in the next Catalog but are available to customers early. I’ve had the same question a couple times now so I thought I’d address it here. The question… why is that paper so expensive?

If you’ve looked at the components to the Share What You Love bundles, then you noticed that the pack of pattern paper is $27. And if you’re looking in a current catalog, then you noticed our pattern paper is usually $10-13. What makes the Share What You Love paper special? This package comes with 24 sheets instead of the usual 12. In addition, the paper is a heavier weight than our usual pattern paper. The designs are hand painted and a number of the sheets have a translucent, pearlized finish. 

You can see in this close-up photo the pearlized finish on the flowers. These sheets look amazing with the pearlized doilies and the Artisan Pearls. That sparkly shine coordinates so well with the Silver Bakers Twine. 
Another product that you’re going to love in the new catalog is the brand new Stamparatus! There are several stamping platforms on the market today. I’ve tried a couple of them, but I think I like ours the best. I own another brand that was one of the first on the market, but I felt like I was all thumbs trying to get it to work right. There’s another that has a huge stamping base so you can fit large pieces of paper in it. It’s nice, but the huge size comes with a hefty weight. 

The Stamparatus is small in size, but it’s open on two sides so you can work with larger pieces of paper. The acrylic plate opens and closes easily. And the magnets really hold the paper well. For today’s card, I wanted just the word “love” from the “love what you do” stamp and it needed to fit just right in that very small space.

I put my circle in the Stamparatus and placed the magnets on the white circle to hold it in place. Then I laid my uninked stamp exactly where I wanted it on the white circle. Closed the acrylic plate, which then picks up the stamp, inked the word “love” with my marker, close the acrylic plate again, and the “love” is stamped onto the circle. The amazing thing about this platform is that if I hadn’t inked the “love” evenly, I could have reinked the stamp and stamped it again right over the top of the other. It would have lined up perfectly again. Amazing!

I can already tell this is going to be a handy tool to own. The next time I need to stamp a lot of the same thing, I will definitely be using my Stamparatus. It will save me so much time not having to figure out the placement for the stamp over and over. I’ll be able to whip through those Christmas cards in no time! This product will be available for purchase starting June 1st. 


We are down to the last week of the 2017-18 Annual Catalog and all Retiring Items are available while supplies last. Some items are already sold out. Hurry and get your order in before the Catalog ends.

Price: $110.00

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