More Gift Card Holders

When I was in the process of making all those coffee gift card holders, I decided I better make some larger gift card holders as well. So many stores have gone to those gift cards that are 4×5″. Today’s project fits that larger gift card size and they are large enough that you could tuck a little something else inside too.16-10-29I made two different versions of these, using different pattern paper on the outside and a different color insert on the inside. The band wraps around the outside of the gift bag and simply slides off. No muss, no fuss!16-10-30These are the now retired sketched dots bags and retired Season of Cheer pattern paper. The Sketched Dots bags have been on the Clearance Rack for a while and they are an excellent deal if you can snag a package. The poinsettia is from the Reason for the Season stamp set and coordinating Festive Flower punch. When it comes to flower punches, this one is definitely “more is better”. Just keep stamping and punching petals until you get quite a few layers. Just think how a real poinsettia flower looks. The healthier it is, the fuller it is. I could have easily gotten away with another layer and it would have look just as good, if not better.

Have you seen the special for October? If you’ve read any of my posts this month, then you’ve probably seen this at the bottom of every single one. Time is running out on this special. You have only four more days to take advantage of it. This is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite pattern papers.


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