Monarchs Are My Favorite

I love butterflies. Whenever I get a new butterfly stamp, my go-to colors are the colors of the Monarch butterfly. The rich orange and deep black colors are always so striking. Did you know millions of Monarchs from all over the US and Canada migrate to one single location in Mexico every Fall? Some of these butterflies are traveling close to 3000 miles to reach warmer climates for the Winter. This is truly amazing. They look so delicate yet they are quite hearty to make such a long journey.

When I received my preview stamp sets to make displays for OnStage last November, I was thrilled to receive the Beautiful Day stamp set with this striking butterfly stamp. For this card, I kept the orange and black color of the Monarch. The layers of dark orange at the top of the wing, fade to the bright orange in the middle, and then to yellow at the bottom of the wings. If you look at a photo of an actual Monarch, their wings are the same shades in the same order. I really wanted the focus of this card to be the butterfly so I kept it relatively simple. I used dimensionals under the wings to raise the wings off the card so it looks like it just landed here. The banner at the bottom of the card is pattern paper that has been rolled up at one end. Although for this card, I didn’t want the reverse side of the paper to show like it normally would if you just rolled up a piece of paper. So this banner is actually two pieces – the roll at the end and the rest of the banner which tucks into the roll. 

If you have time, I highly recommend looking up the Monarch Migration. The images of millions of these butterflies all gathered in one place are truly stunning. All of those trees covered in orange and black butterflies. Wow! This is definitely one of my “bucket list” trips. Until I can work in a trip to a forest in the middle of central Mexico, I might have to make do with one of their stop-overs in Santa Barbara or Pismo Beach California.

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