It’s Magical

If you haven’t taken a close look at the pattern paper in the Myths & Magic Suite, you really need to. Every sheet has sparkly glitter on it. This paper really sparkles. And what could be better than chubby unicorns? Sparkly chubby unicorns!

One way to make a quick and easy card is to use pattern paper to fill in your background space. This particular card is super quick. Start with a card base, add some pattern paper, a bit of ribbon, and then the main focal point.
For this unicorn, I used my aqua painter and ink pad to get an ombre look for the tail and mane. As I was coloring in the tail and the mane, I did not add more color to my aqua painter. So as I colored it, the ink lightens the further I get away from my starting point. I did add a bit more color to my starting point to further darken it. Such a pretty effect. I also used my Basic Gray marker to add hooves to my unicorn. I think it gives her more a finished look.

To make the two different sizes of the banner, I die cut this piece twice. I put the left side of the die next to the “one” and cut it out. The I put the piece back into the die with the “kind” close to the edge of the right side of the die. The Berry Burst banner below it is full size to give you an idea of how much I cut it down. 

Our doilies come only in white but they are so easy to color. For this doilie, I spritzed the berry burst onto the doilie. I left the coloring uneven because I think that adds to the charm of a handmade card. To do this same technique, you’ll need a spritzer, rubbing alcohol, and reinker in whatever color you want to use. Fill your spritzer almost to the top with the alcohol. Then add half a dozen drops or so of reinker. The more reinker you add, the more saturated your color will be. If you want a light shade, add only a few drops. If the doilie ends up too light in color, you can continue spritzing it until you’re happy with it. You do need to allow time to dry. I actually had a few doilies left over from something else, so I had mine ready to go for this card. 

Check back next week for a mermaid or two!

Price: $110.00

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