I Need a Moment

I am a checklist girl. I constantly have a to-do list and it gives me great pleasure to cross tasks off that list. This month has been one unending to-do list with very little actually being done. Or finished. Here’s a few things on my to-do list that I just can’t quite seem to get done.

Printer decided not to print black ink anymore. It will still print the other colors and photos. Just nothing in black ink. I have spent weeks trying to figure it out and I’m now giving up. And it only took me another $75 in ink cartridges (that I won’t be able to use in any other printer) to figure this out.

I need to buy a new printer but I can’t make a decision. Read hundreds of reviews online about several major brands. Did you know that literally every printer is “the worst printer ever”. No really. They pretty much all say that right along with the reviews calling it “better than the last printer I bought” or “I don’t absolutely hate it”. What a vote of confidence. 

Trying to finish up the moulding on the stairs that we redid in 2003. Yes, you read that right: 2003! O-M-G, what have we been doing the last 14 years that we couldn’t finish the moulding on the last five stairs?!? Well, only half the moulding showed up. The other half will come in two to three weeks. Hopefully. And the trim piece for the top step arrived in the wrong color. (Okay, this is probably why it takes us so long to do these things.)

We’ve had sporadic rain in our kitchen the last three weeks. Sometimes when we flush the upstairs toilet, it rains in the kitchen. Probably not a good thing since I’m really so-so when it comes to drywall work and it’s really not my favorite DIY project. Well, over the last week, it’s started to rain harder in the kitchen. And $200 later…. I can cross this one off the list. Yay, me!

Next on the list was dining room chairs. We had one break last June. Then two more broke over the Summer, leaving me with one chair. That’s okay because at this point I probably shouldn’t be having people over because I’m too grouchy (see above to-do list that I just can’t get finished). Trying to put a positive spin on being down to one chair, I thought this would be the perfect time to get a new dining room set. Ours is more than 17 years old and was in serious need of replacing probably a good 7 years ago. (Yeah, we don’t rush into anything around here.) I ordered a new set seven weeks ago. And I am still waiting on one more box to arrive. If you had to guess what the most critical piece would be in a dining room set, you’d probably guess either the table or table legs. Guess what box I’m missing? The table legs. I’ve got chairs coming out my ears and a table top I can’t unbox because I have no table legs to put it on. And guess what, I can’t get rid of the old table yet because until they actually deliver some legs, I won’t know if I’ll be able to keep the new set or not, since it’s been on backorder for weeks and they can’t find the missing box of legs. The latest news is that they are going to deliver a whole new dining room set. So, I’ll actually have three dining room sets in my very tiny dining room until I can return the boxes that are duplicate. Ugh. 

And now my car is in the shop with an unknown ailment. I drive an electric car, which is totally different when it comes to repairs. Electric cars don’t have the same parts as regular engines. There’s no such thing as oil changes, fluid levels, or smog checks on electric cars. The dealer has pretty much said “we have no idea what’s wrong with it”. They called the vendor who made the engine and they’re waiting on them to figure it out. In the meantime, I have an itty bitty compact loaner car and not my beloved SUV with my carpool lane sticker. 

And… we are officially into College Application Season. Obviously this has to take a priority over some other things. Although I suspect I might have to make a decision on a printer really soon. Or maybe not. I’ll just have to explain to him why he can only apply to schools that have online applications because I can’t make a commitment to a new printer. 

So yes, this mama definitely needs a moment. Preferably with wine. But I do love a good coffee drink too. I’ll give you the quick background on this card. It was Friday night and I was home alone in my studio. I posted a picture online of my clean desk and asked for suggestions on what to work on. My friend Lelaina asked me to make her some coffee cards with this saying. And just like that, here they are. 

Here are Lelaina’s cards all boxed up and ready for delivery. I hope she loves them. Better yet, I hope her friends love them too.
I do lots of custom work, mostly around the Holidays, but I am available all year long. People love sending handmade cards, but don’t always have the time to make them themselves. So I make them for them. Just let me know what you need and I can make it for you. And it does’t have to be just Holiday cards. I can make anything. 

Well, I better get back to that to-do list. Maybe I can cross something else off the list tonight. The upstairs shower started dripping a few days ago. I think I just need to tighten the handle. That shouldn’t be too hard.

Or maybe I’ll just have that glass of wine and call it a day.

PS. If anyone wants to recommend a printer, I’m all ears. I need something that prints black and white and color. Must be able to make color copies too. Fax and scan not necessary.
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