Holiday Boutique Recap

This past Friday and Saturday was the Holiday Boutique that we’ve been prepping for the last number of weeks. I still have a couple projects from the booth that I haven’t shared yet and will get to those soon. In the meantime, here are the pictures of the booth set-up.
16-10-22There were five of us making cards and products for the booth. We did end up with a wide variety of items. 16-10-23This was our wall of cards. Such an awesome idea to string them up like this. I can’t remember who came up with it, but it made it so much easier for customers to see them. We had cards for every occasion, not just the holidays. Every card was packaged in its own cello bag with an envelope.  The little bookcase on the right had the Tins of Cards and Gift Tag sets as well as a stack of our Holiday Catalogs.

More cards, note card sets, notebooks, treat holders, gift card holders, and Catalogs… The list goes on and on!16-10-24 Do you see the clothes behind our table? Those are from the booth behind us. We probably should have set up the booth so you couldn’t see those. Unfortunately, that booth wasn’t set up until long after we were all done so we had no idea. Oh well, something learned for the next time.

Here are the five of us, from left to right, Lyndi, Chrissy, Poli, Margo, and myself! 16-10-25By Saturday evening, we were all exhausted from the weeks of prep work and working the two days at the boutique itself. Thank goodness we had Sunday to rest up from all the work. We’re already talking about the next Boutique.

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  1. Jan says:

    Nice pict of all of you😍

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