Happy… Monday?

Yes, I realize those two words almost never go together. But today’s card really makes me happy. I really like the bold black background. And those giant watercolor flowers are amazing! I did run into a small space issue with this card because all the die cuts and the flower are all so large. I did trim off a petal or two from the stamped flower. You really can’t tell though.

If you think you aren’t very good with watercoloring, then this is the perfect card to practice. The die cut flower, leaves, and “Happy” all have a very light watercolor wash on them. I used an aqua painter to create a small pool of ink in the inkpad lid. Then just brushed it across the die cuts. I didn’t worry about getting it perfect. And it was actually too light the first time so I just added a second coat. For the flower itself, I used more ink/less water on my aqua painter to color in the petals. Again, I didn’t worry about getting it perfectly filled in. Watercoloring isn’t supposed to be perfect.

I made a couple of these cards, trying to get the placement and look just right. Here is a different version.I originally tried to just layer the different die cut flowers. However, I didn’t like the way you could see all the different layers together. My fabulous friend Poli reminded me about the inlaid die cut technique. So I water colored a bunch of the petals and inlaid them inside the flower die cut that I had already glued down. It looks so much better this way. Poli was right!

When you’re making cards or projects, don’t be upset if the first version doesn’t turn out like you’d hoped. You can always make changes or start over. Remember, this is just paper. It’s inexpensive and easily replaceable.

One of my favorite sayings…

There are no mistakes in crafting, just opportunities to embellish.

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