Happiness is a Warm Smile

Most of you already know that I live in Southern California. The only way I’m going to see a snowman is if I see one on the internet. I’m definitely not a Winter Season girl. Don’t get me wrong. I love the way the snow and ice looks in all those pictures I see in books and online. But I won’t be living in it – that’s for sure. As soon as the temperature drops to 68, I’m digging out the scarves and heavy jacket. 

Even though I’m not ready for snow, I can still love an adorable snowman. I love how this one is smiling as the snow falls around him. He’s so happy his eyes are smiling too. I’m sure the snowfall is pure heaven to him. And that makes me smile too.

Those adorable snowballs are made with the Snowfall Accents Puff Paint. This stuff reminds me a bit of the old puffy paint from the 80’s, but on steroids. This puff paint really does puff up! Here is how to get the best results:

  • With the cap on, shake bottle vigorously.
  • Take bottle cap off and dot in just a few places. Don’t squeeze the bottle too tightly or you’ll end up with big splotches of runny puff paint.
  • Using your heat tool, set the puff paint. You’ll see it puff up and harden. If the puff paint looks wet, then it isn’t done puffing up and you’ll want to keep heating it. 
  • Heat it until you have puffed-up, dry snow on your project. 

For this card, I did the puff paint in two sections. I did the bottom first and then heat set it. Then I did the snowballs together and heat set them. The puff paint is super runny when it comes out of the bottle. For best results, you’ll want to work in small sections and then add more puff paint as desired and then heat each section as you add the puff paint. 

Someone asked me if they could use a hair dryer instead of a heat tool for this product. I don’t think that would be a great idea. The hair dryer is meant to blow, which means it will blow the runny puff paint across the project before it has enough time to heat set it. The heat tool just heats it, rather than blowing it.  

As you can probably guess, I learned a bit using the puff paint myself. It definitely takes a little practice to get better results. I think the puff paint is a great product for the serious crafter that wants to elevate their project to the next level.

What do you think? Are you a crafter that’s willing to try anything new? Or does this already sound too complicated? I’m pretty much game to try anything once. Although I can usually tell right away if it’s something I’ll use again and again. Hands up or hands down for puff paint? Vote in the comments… I’d love to hear what everyone thinks.

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