Got Caffeine?

If not, I know where you can get some! Coffee is my friend… my best friend. Coffee is my life. Okay, not really. But no day goes by without a cup of that hot, rich deliciousness. Those of you that drink coffee know exactly what I’m talking about. The only thing getting you out of bed every morning is knowing that coffee is in your very near future. We used to have a programmable coffee maker so I would wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee every morning. It was heaven.

The Coffee Break Suite is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites from the new Catalog. I see so many possibilities for this stamp set and coordinating dies. Making gift card holders, tags on packages, cards, and banners.

Yep, that’s right banners. This coffee-lover can’t wait to decorate with coffee cups. I started by cutting out bunches of cups and lids all in colors that matched the new Coffee Break paper. Then I had some fun making my own frappucinos. Our brand new Glossy White card stock is perfect for making frapps. It takes the ink so well. Cups two and five are my some of my favorite flavor of frapps: Java Chip and Smores. 17-6-11Here’s a couple tips if you’re making frapps.

  • Use the Glossy White card stock. Our standard Whisper White will not give you this same effect.
  • Put a couple drops of reinker on a nonporous surface like a plate or even a clear stamp block works. I used a clear block that was rectangular in shape, and then I put the reinker bottle next to the drops so I would know which reinker was which color. 
  • Use a cotton swab to dip into the reinker and then color your Glossy White card stock with it. I used a very inexpensive brand of cotton swabs. If you use the name brands, they tend to be more fluffy and then you take a chance the extra fibers create extra lines where you didn’t intend them.
  • Start with less ink and then go back and add as needed.
  • To get the sprinkled look in the Java Chip flavor, I dipped a stiff paint brush into the ink and then flicked it across the cup. 
  • Be sure to die cut a window sheet cup and lid to go over the top of the frapp cup and whip cream to get that extra shiny look.

This die set has everything you’ll need to make lots of coffee. It even includes those little toppers you get so the coffee doesn’t spill out before you have a chance to drink it. Seriously, how cute are these!17-6-13I’ll admit that sometimes I hoard our paper packages just waiting for the perfect occasion. Well, it just became the perfect occasion to dig out the Kraft and White Corrugated Paper pack that I bought awhile back. If you no longer have this pack or missed out on ordering it, I’m sure you can probably find something similar elsewhere. The nice thing about out Corrugated Paper is that the corrugation is small so it’s perfectly scaled for these cups. 17-6-12Oh my goodness! I love how this banner turned out. Happiness is a cup of coffee. And there’s nothing better than sharing it with a friend. Take some time this week to have a cup of coffee with a friend. 

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