Five Minute Friday – Mom Style

First, let me state for the record, that Mom is worth way more than five minutes of your time. Just think of all the things she does for you. It would take you more than five minutes just to list every single thing she’s done for you your entire life. All those meals she cooked, rides she gave you, waiting for you at endless soccer practices, driving all over Southern California to get you to that soccer game. And the list goes on.


That doesn’t change the fact that you might have waited until the last minute to get your act together. If only you were as prepared as your Mom who always has your birthday cards to you a couple days early. Because that’s what Moms do.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. You can whip up a fabulous Mother’s Day Card in no time. And Mom always loves anything you made for her. Remember that turkey shaped like your hand that’s still hanging on her fridge?

Here is today’s Five Minute card. The flower is from the brand new Oh So Eclectic stamp set. This stamp set is so new, it’s not even available yet. As a customer, you can purchase it starting 6/1. As a Demonstrator, I received it early. The “Sending Love” is from the Designer Tin of Cards stamp set, which is retiring at the end of the month. You’ll want to order this stamp set right away before it’s sold out.17-5-10The flower is actually a two-step stamp. The flower and stem is one stamp. The lighter pink petal image is a second stamp. My suggestion is to trim away the excess rubber from around the petal image. You will get better results when trying to line it up with the flower/stem stamp.17-5-11The inside of the card uses the Crazy About You stamp set, which is also retiring. The leaf is from the Oh So Eclectic stamp set too. The Happy Mother’s Day was a little small so the leaf helps fill some of the space. 

Do you know why Mom loves things made by you? Mom appreciates that you took time to make something special just for her. She knows you put some thought into creating something she would like. That she was your complete focus for at least five minutes. Believe me, this is so much better than running into the store and grabbing the first card you see with flowers, racing out the store with it, and silently hoping it doesn’t say “With Sympathy” on the inside. Like it did last year. 

So, get your act together and make your card today. If you can get it mailed today, it might even arrive on time, fingers crossed. Though, you are kind of pushing it at this point. Mom will understand. She will probably even say it’s ok that it arrived late because it just made Mother’s Day last that much longer. Because that’s what Moms do.

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