Five Minute Friday – Holiday Candy Bar Wrappers

So many decisions! Now that the Holiday Catalog is out, I just can’t make up my mind. Do I work on Halloween goodies? Or Christmas Goodies? Well, lucky you, because I have one of each today and both are candy bar wrappers.

So a few nights ago, I decide I’m going to make up several of these to get ready for today’s post. I send the kids to the store with $15 cash. I asked them to get me one regular size Hershey bar and the two notebooks they needed for school. I figure I can look up the dimensions of the candy bar and have it made by the time they get back.

Well, an hour and a half later they finally come home. I ask about the change from the $15. My daughter hands me a single penny. I ask her how two notebooks and one candy bar came to be $14.99. She looks at me and says “what candy bar?”. Yep, this is the same girl that put the ice cream away in the fridge (not the freezer) last week.

Fortunately, we just happened to have a Belgian chocolate bar that is the exact same width as a Hershey bar. And I have to admit, it was far better too. This wrapper is just a sleeve that slides over the outside of the bar. The width of the candy bar is 2 1/8th” wide and 1/4″ deep.  What I did was cut a 6″ strip of paper and score a section on the middle that was 2 1/8th”, then scored 1/4″ out on both sides. Wrapped it around the back side of the bar and trimmed off the excess.  You will want to do your stamping before scoring and folding around the candy bar.16-9-1

The bakers twine is wrapped around the bar a couple times and then knotted with one of the brand new mini tassels. These tassels are awesome! I’ve made several of my own lately and they take a bit of finesse to get them just right. You can see a close-up of the tassel below.

While digging around in the pantry, I came across this extra large candy bar that’s Dark Chocolate with Irish Whiskey. It’s been awhile since I used my Mini Treat Bag Thinlets so I decided to do a slightly different wrapper this time. This treat bag is perfect for gift cards, smaller treats or gifts, or large candy bars.


I kept it simple with the coordinating Candy Cane Lane gumdrop paper and Candy Cane Lane Baker’s Twine. Here’s a close up of the Bakers Twine and one of the Christmas Trinkets. Can you see that red metallic thread woven into the red and white bakers twine? Amazing! I used the Cherry Cobbler Metallic thread to tie on the trinket to the bakers twine bow. Even though it’s not the same exact red, it blends in well enough because the Metallic thread is so fine.


So I’m off now to finish off that second chocolate bar. Or I might work on the next Halloween project. Or Christmas project. Shoot! I haven’t even thought about the Fall projects yet. Ugh, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get all that crafting done. Don’t you feel that way too?

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