It hardly seems possible that this little peanut turns 15 today. Where has the time gone? She was a handful from Day 1. Actually more like four months prior to showing up. Being on bed rest for months was tough, but she was so worth it. (Coming home from the Hospital, 2002)She was an adorable toddler and she’s always had tons of personality. Despite the calm image in this picture, most days she was definitely more tinkerbell than princess. (Our House, 2005)This is from her early days as a fashion icon. She always loved accessorizing. (Fourth of July Parade, 2005)You can tell by that smile that she’s someone special. (Thanksgiving, Our House, 2009)She has loved soccer with a passion from her first day on the field at four years old. Her motto: every day is a good day for soccer. (LA Galaxy Game, 2013)Her love for Winnie The Pooh started very young and has never waned. (Disneyland, 2015)Thirteen years old and a high school freshman. She couldn’t wait for High School to start and to dive right in to all the school activities. (Homecoming Dance, 2016)At Fourteen, she’s already looking so grown up… (Sawdust Festival, 2017)I can’t wait to see what Fifteen brings. I know it will be amazing!

Happy Birthday, Maddie! We love you!


Don’t worry, I’ll be back to cards and projects on Friday. I’ll also have the November specials for you then as well. 

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