A Rainbow of Brusho

I love it when Stampin Up comes out with a brand new product. There is nothing quite like playing with something new that you’ve never tried before. One of the preview products that I had for OnStage last Fall was Brusho. When I received it, I had never heard of this product. I had to google it and then I watched a couple videos on how it’s used. Apparently Brusho has been around for awhile. 

Once I started playing around with it, I realized how amazing it truly is. The colors are super vibrant. And if you’re not happy with the look, just add more Brusho. Or more water. Either will change the look dramatically. 

So what is Brusho? It is super fine water-soluble color crystals. Since this was a brand new product for us, I wanted to make something to really show off the different colors. I had this metal board that I knew would be perfect for a display. I made each swatch using a piece of watercolor paper. I stamped the branch in versamark and then used clear embossing powder and heat embossed it. Once it cooled, I added the Brusho and spritzed it with water. I continued to add more Brusho until I reached these deep colors you see here. Then I wiped off the stamped and embossed portion to bring out the white stamped image again. 

For the last swatch, I wanted a rainbow. I stamped and heat embossed the “Brusho” in the center first. Then I added rows of the different colors of Brusho. I used a post-it to mask off all but the part I was working on. Then moved over slightly, added the next color of Brusho, and spritzed it with water. The rainbow panel has all five colors in it. They blended together nicely because I did not wait for each color to dry in between. I just kept working it while it was wet. I did wait for the entire swatch to dry before wiping off the “Brusho” so I wouldn’t smear any of the colors.If you haven’t purchased Brusho yet, I do recommend it for those that like to experiment with new products. It can be a bit messy. I have a box that I use when I work with messy products like this. I have found that it dies my fingers if I spend too much time holding whatever I’m working on. The Brusho usually comes off in a couple hand washings. If the die on your fingers is really dark, shampoo actually works great to remove it quickly. 

When you open the box of Brusho jars, it looks like you would unscrew the lids. Do not do this. Instead, use a pin to poke a couple holes in the top of the jars. You do not want to take the lids off. The color crystals are super fine and you will have it everywhere. Seriously. Do not take the lids off the jars. Use it just like a salt shaker and sprinkle it out a little bit at a time. You can always sprinkle more on if you need more color. 

I hope you are willing to give this fabulous new product a chance. It is in the Occasions Catalog and I’m hoping it’s going to be added to the next Catalog that comes out in June. I’m definitely not done playing with this stuff. I still have more ideas that I want to try!

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